Treezo group is a well-known private enterprise in China,National key leading enterprises of high and new technology and agricultural industrialization,leading brand of domestic ecological and green living product’s research, manufacture and marketing.Company was founded in 1999, Set design, development, production manufacturing, global sales and after-sales service as a whole, the main products include core-board, composite board, ecological board, plaster board, floor,wooden door, wardrobe, cupboard, sauna room, foot-knee care and basic material. The group owns 12 subsidiaries, has gradually formed with basic building materials, house furniture,  technological product and cultural and creative port as the core of the four major industrial systems.
After 17 years refinement, treezo group’s product sales amount continue to increase, occupied a huge market share standing on the top of the industry. Building a raw material base In the United States, Brazil, Australia, Indonesia, Cameroon, Russia and other countries, treezo group has built a professional ecological plate production base taking the advantages of Internet. and supplied famous product including the brands of “Treezo”, “YuanJingJu”, “MeiLaiJu”, “LingNanJu”. Group make full use of Hangzhou city’s infrastructure construction, establishing market center in BeiJing, LiuZhou, ChengDu, production scale and economic benefit in the industry leading position for a long time. Treezo Is a unit for national spark plan project, national affordable housing construction material excellent supplier, draft for core-board industrial standard firstly and also draft industrial standard for ecological board, standardize the man-made board production requirements.
Treezo group adhering to the idea of "green, health, intelligence, innovation", always take the environmental protection as its own responsibility, in order to develop ecological forestry, view resource regeneration as enterprise’s basis, "Create a healthy home, Leading a quality life" as the enterprise mission. In the spirit of "Refine and refine, beyond myself" Building Century Chinese household materials enterprises and the most famous brand of Chinese house building materials. Try to build ourselves into world-level group based on basic board, house furniture, technological products and creative culture port.