After 17 years time refinement, Treezo group has successfully created “treezo”, “MeiLai”,”YuanJing”, LingNan” and series of building materials industry well-known brands, products including core-board, decorative veneers, multiply plywood, fire-proof board, paintless decorative board, flame retardant plate, laminated wood, prepared plate, UV board, floor, complete wardrobe, wooden door, motion door, hardware, glue and other ecological building and decorative materials’ study, manufacture and marketing. As a true expert of board, treezo depending on the quality of life, On the basis of certified by ISO9001, ISO14001 international standard, build up the perfect quality control system, with an almost harsh attitude to make every one of the most sophisticated design, the most stringent requirements can be perfect, present the brilliant green life aesthetics, with top high-technology and the design of the artistic aesthetic feeling through details revealing perfect, salute for the international standard. Treezo as a pioneer of China‘s household building materials industry, set up four big production bases in hangzhou, jiashan, linyi, liuzhou, chengdu city and the five logistics center, and many branches, form a global raw material supply network from American, Brazil, Indonesia, Cameroon, Russian and other world famous producers to import high quality wood log. Today, as a symbolic mark of Chinese healthy and environment-friendly house hold furnishing enterprise, spread more than 30 provinces and area in China, export the product to USA, Canada, UK, Japan, Australia, Hong Kong and other countries and area. Gained the global customer’s reliance by taking advantage of the brilliant green product and excellent marketing service.Treezo group devoted itself to build a service system that including before sale, selling, after sale, from the eye contact of demand to your content smile, Treezo will accompany with you and provide best service for you all the time whenever and wherever you are. Treezo won the high honor through brilliant operation, awarded as “zhejiang famous brand”、“Chinese environmental symbolic product”、“specified green and environment-friendly product of Chinese Energy-saving design, construction, decoration industry”,“Recommend green products for interior decoration”,“2008 national bicycle venue designated products”and other honorary title. Treezo group, build the permanent high quality product beyond time, determine to serve for customer’s healthy house, let more people enjoy the high cost performance product, create a living environment filled with safety, environmental protection, health, leading a better quality life !