Smart technology is based on the Treezo’s Institute, to provide intelligent healthy solutions for the green and healthy life. Independent R & D center, undertaking the task of the enterprise technological innovation, technological progress and developing new products. Which has developed negative ion element material, nano material net aldehyde, anti aldehyde, TVOC etc. technology and were assessed for the municipal enterprise technology center, science and technology enterprises in Zhejiang Province, Zhejiang Province Agricultural Science and technology enterprises and national high-tech enterprises in 2012.

the rapid development of society and people's pursuit of green intelligent Home Furnishing life, which gave low tech traditional wood products businesses a chance of introducing wisdom and health technology based development. Smart technology has successfully developed the first domestic development and production of Chinese fir blockboard, and has successfully developed environment-friendly blockboard, E0 grade blockboard, non formaldehyde Blockboard high strength board, blockboard, non formaldehyde glue laminated flame retardant grade plant, environmental protection environmental protection nano laminated board, laminate flooring, non formaldehyde level floor, the whole of Gaoping paint simulation ecological board, anion home products and high-tech products and projects, in the domestic counterparts in the leading level of technology early or late .research and demonstration of formaldehyde Blockboard listed in the National Spark Program, and through acceptance.

E0 grade Blockboard was listed as the transformation project of agricultural science and technology achievements, and was accepted. Non formaldehyde level plant glue laminated, flame retardant protection layer board , the whole of paint free plate ecological simulation has been listed as the provincial new product project, which was through the identification and acceptance.

There are many development achievements were Obtained Not only in basis of plate, it also launched a low carbon in the finished Home Furnishing class, foot knee treasure, green and healthy sauna room, tatami, shoe etc. far infrared products. By the introduction of the industry's attention until the market , its Popularity has not diminished, which makes enterprises play an important role in technology innovation the field of plate industry, make the enterprise products with strong competitiveness in the industry.