Polymer emulsion polymer, elaborately processed with adopting advanced production facility and workmanship. It is a milky white viscous liquid healthy and environmental product in non-toxic odorless, good adhesiveness, fast drying, good frost resistance. Treezo white glue is the best choice of high-grade decoration.


TREEZO multifunctional Free Nail Glue is the ideal adhesives of building decoration materials, its good adhesiveness and easy processing are suitable for any building decoration material, which is the best choice to replace screws and bolts, to save time and space improve the work efficiency.

03Universal Glue

Treezo Universal Glue has performance of high solid content, low levels of volatile organic compounds, strong adhesiveness; it fast dries but can keep long time. Along with different temperature and humility, its bonding time can adjust freely in 10-20 minutes; its initial adhesiveness and final adhesiveness is much better than traditional universal glue; It don not set under the condition of higher than 15 degrees below zero when stored.