Flame Resistant Board

Product Name: Flame Retardant Board

Product Category:Flame Retardant Block Board, Flame Retardant Decorative Board and Flame Retardant Board Plywood

Product Dimension: 2400x610x12(15、16、17、18)mm

Product Grade: Preferred Engineering Type

Product Package: 50-60 pieces/bundle

Implementation standards: GB/T 18101-2013,GB 18580-2001

Environmental Grade:E0

TREEZO Green Environmental Flame Retardant Board is made of high quality log veneer as raw material, which is processed by flame retardant treatment, drying, bonding, cold pressing, hot pressing and so on. Its performance of flame retardant, smoke suppression and smoke toxicity reach the national B grade flame retardant materials requirements - 8624-2012 GB Building Materials and Products, Combustion Performance Classification," At the same time to meet the requirement of national standard 20286-2006 GB "Public Places Flame Retardant Products and Components of the Combustion Performance Requirements and Labeling". It also maintains excellent physical properties, processing performance and decorative features of traditional artificial board, which maintain TREEZO consistent environmental performance.

Application Range:

Mainly used for public construction and renovation project, high-end construction and renovation project and High-grade furniture production project, such as hotels, restaurants, meeting centers, exhibitions, sports centers, libraries, passenger transportation centers, shopping malls, medicine institution and office buildings.

Product Characteristics:

1. Clear pattern, Realistic effect, strong sense of third-dimension.

2. Low weight, high strength,good ductility and strong seismic performance.

3. Refractory, flame retardant, no harmful gases produced under high temperature.

4. Good processing performance, Good function of thermal insulation, sound absorption, sound insulation.

5. Smooth surface, strong durability and not easy to aging and weathering.

6. Abrasion resistance, impact resistance, acid and alkali resistance.

7. Anti-mildew, germ-proofing and acid-alkali resistance, easy to clean.