Finger-joint Board

Product Name: Integrated Circuit Board

Product Species: Cedar, Fir and Camphor

Product Thickness:12/15/16/17/18mm

Product grade: Selected Grade, preferred Grade

Product Package: 50-60 pieces/bundle

Implementation standards:GB/T 26899-2011,LY/T 1787-2008,GB 18580-2001

Environmental grade: E0

TREEZO.INTEGRATED CIRCRUIT BOARD is made of high quality big logs, bonded together by natural environmental glue, it has exquisite workmanship, smooth surface, easy processing, non-deformation, high strength, good flame retardant performance and high thermal insulation performance. Integrated materials is better than solid wood in the tensile and compressive strength, and also better in the quality. Therefore, integrated material can replace solid wood and be used in various related fields.

Application Range:

1. Furniture panel, door panel and side-panel.

2. Non-exposed parts, such as cabinet separator, side board and drawer bottom plate.

3. Small size parts, such as Drawer Panel, side panel, cabinet door.

4. Bending parts, such as chair bracket, armrests, backrests and tea table.

5. Stair side panel, stepper, floor and wall decoration panel,etc.

Product Characteristics:

1.Nature wood material sense, beautiful appearance.

2.High tensile and compressive strength.

3.Its Structure balance, good anti-deformation and crack resistance.

4.Its Comfortable foot feel and fragrant releases.

5.Is Breathing board, adjusting indoor temperature and humidity, comfortable living.