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Anion Board

Product Name: Anion Board

Product Dimension: 2440×1220×5.0/7.0/9.0/16.0/18.0mm

Product varieties:Iron Ecological Board, Iron Block Board, Iron Plywood, Iron Plaster Board.

Administer standards:JC/T 2040-2010,GB 18580-2001

Environmental Grade: E0

Close cooperation at home and abroad and the Millennium boat group research institutions and universities, after years of research, achieved a major technological breakthrough in the study of composite element material negative ion, successfully developed anion cluster home products. Thousands of years, the spirit of continuous innovation won the praise of customers at home and abroad, but also get peer praise. Millennium boat negative ion family product cluster has applied for a number of Chinese patents, by the relevant state departments to detect, negative ion content, antimicrobial capabilities are beyond the technical requirements! The Millennium Zhou anion natural forest oxygen bar to thousands of households! People can use the Millennium Zhou "negative" products will be able to enjoy and feel at home in the same forest Bama longevity, people is no longer a dream!

Application Range:

Home decoration, hotel, library, kindergarten, school.

Product Characteristics:

1. Function of removing smoke and dust, effect of bacteriostatic. Ions adsorbs and aggregates and positively charged dust, smoke, bacteria, viruses, lost the ability to float in the air, and quickly landed, no harm to the human body, thereby purifying the air.

2. Improve respiratory function 30 minutes after inhaling Ions, the lungs absorb oxygen increased by 20%, excluding carbon dioxide increased by about 14.5%. The treatment of bronchial asthma, reducing the depth and frequency of asthma, and there is a sedative effect.

3. Ions can promote blood circulation, improve coronary blood flow, obvious and significant reduction in blood pressure, improve cardiac function, increase myocardial nutrition, to make breathing even.

4. Improve sleep quality, and also can improve the symptoms of dementia.

5. Prevention of aging and longevity The oxidative function of free radical do damage to human cells and DNA, leading to aging. By increasing ions in the air or in the human body, correspondingly reducing free radicals and delay aging, to make human healthy and longevial.