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Melamine Faced Board

Product Name: Melamine Faced Board

Product Species: Cedar, albazia bare core, Paulownia, poplar, pine

Product Thickness:5/7/9/16/18mm

Product Grade: Selected Preference

Product Package:50-60 pieces/bundle

Implementation standards: GB/T 15102-2006,GB 18580-2001

Environmental Grade:E0

Overlaying Technology: Shallow relief, deep relief, small relief, pits, soft light, magical.

TREEZO. ECOLOGICAL BOARD, immersing different colors or texture of good natural wood paper into the natural environmental protection resin adhesive, and then dried to a certain degree of cure, and put it on the surface of E0 grade environment-friendly particleboard, MDF, plywood or block board, finally made by hot pressing.
TREEZO GROUP introduces advanced production equipment from abroad, internal training and hiring senior technical management personnel, we ensure the production and supply from Hangzhou, Jiashan, Linyi, Shizong four production bases.
TREEZO. ECOLOGICAL BOARD, its appearance and quality, processing precision, physical and mechanical properties can meet the national standard requirement, and its advanced production workmanship and excellent product quality make the products popularize around the country.

Application Range:

Multifunctional wardrobe, cabinets, closets, cabinets, wardrobes, shelves, dressing table, dining table, home decoration, furniture, wardrobe cabinets, bathroom cabinet etc..

Product Characteristics:

1. Has Rich pattern and excellent decorative performance.

2. Its Excellent abrasion resistance, scratch resistance, cigarette burning resistance, dry heat resistant and corrosion resistance performance.

3. Belongs to non-painting decorative material, which has good environmental Performance.

4. Good performance of dimension stability, can be used for relatively humid environment like Kitchen.

5. Light Weight, easy to process, good grip strength.

6. Surface finish, easy to clean