Product Name: Plywood

Product Species: Cedar, Albasia bare core

Product Specification:2440 x1220 x3 (5、7、9、11、13、15、17) mm

Products Grade:Selected type, Preferred type, Economical Type, Engineering Type and Town Type.

Product Package: 50-60 pieces/bundle

Administer standards: GB/T 5849-2006,GB 18580-2001

Environmental Grade: E0

TREEZO.PLYWOOD adopts high quality wood materials, which made from rotary-cut and slicing Veneers, then vertically glued together by adhesive. It overcomes wood defects itself and strongly improve the physical and mechanical properties of wood.

Application Range:

1.Furniture making, such as closet, cabinet, table and chair, etc. .

2.Indoor Decoration, such as ceiling and divider wall, etc.

3.Engineering construction, such as template and building component.

4.Vehicle manufacturing and packaging industries.

Product Characteristics:

1. Fine indoor temperature and humidity regulating performance.

2. Natural wood texture and hand-feel.

3. Good structure ability, smooth surface and MD strength.

4. Good nail-holding and water resistant performance.