Block Board

Products Name:Block Board

Product Category: Cedar, Paulownia, Eucalyptus, Albasia Bare Core.

Product Specification:2440 x1220 x12(13、13.5、15、16.5、17、18) mm

Products Grade: Superfine Grade, Premium grade,Specialty Grade, Economical Grade, Project Grade and Township Only.

Product Package:50-60 pieces/bundle

Administer standards: GB/T 5849-2006,GB 18580-2001

Environmental Grade: E0

TREEZO Block Board is made of high quality southern Chinese fir and poplar and Paulownia, its floor surfaced by Okoume veneer, its core material is made of dry shrinkage soft broad-leaved wood and then pressed together by environment-friendly adhesives. Products have some characteristic: good flatness, small color difference, light weight, non-deformation, etc, which can be widely used in indoor decoration and furniture making.

Application Range:

For furniture, cars, doors, windows, sets, partitions, false walls, heating cover, curtain box and building decoration, etc..

Product Characteristics:

1. High Quality raw materials as selection

2. The log strip is automatically dried by computer controlled, and the moisture content is low and even, and the deformation is small.

3. Edge is neat without gap after four side planer processing.

4. Mechanical assembly, no spaces, small gap, the smooth stitching, and stable quality.

5. Board Core is thicken, ensuring enough thickness.

6. Using Fixed Sander, which has double faced sanding, and having the characteristic of even thickness, smooth surface and good flatness.

7. Formaldehyde-free. Adopting Water based polymer non- formaldehyde benzene-free environmental protection glue, extremely green and environmental.