20 January 2012


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BIG5 in 2009

South America Show In 2010

South America Show In 2012


三个展会 :当今市场竞争激烈,公司在努力扩大自身产品的市场份额及范围。公司组织外贸部参加了国外专业大型的建材展-迪拜的BIG5, 墨西哥国际建筑建材展CIHAC。通过展会能快捷了解市场,需找买家,跟客户面对面的沟通,获取订单,宣传形象。开发国外市场,是挑战,更是机遇。


In today's highly competitive market, the company in an effort to expand their market share and product range. International Trade Department participated in the foreign professional large-scale exhibition of building materials - Dubai BIG5, Mexico International Building Materials Exhibition CIHAC. Through the exhibition can quickly understand the market, the need to find buyers face to face communication with customers, taking orders, promotional image. Development of foreign markets, is a challenge, but also an opportunity.

20 October 2012

与欧洲客户洽谈业务Negotiating with European Customer

与欧洲客户洽谈业务 Negotiating with European Customer   2012年10月6日,欧洲客户一行5人的考察团到我...

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