20 January 2013

非洲供应商来访Vistors from African suppliers

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Vistors from African suppliers



Along with China's timber resources diminishing, supply and demand gap of timber is growing, making the domestic timber prices higher. Treezo Group Import high quality and cheap woods from the countries which is rich in timber resources, That reduces our costs to make the Treezo Group win the market and Walk in the forefront of the timber industry. Treezo Group is a professional and competitive manufacturer of wood products in China. So Treezo Group have a large demand of woods, various and continuous. In order to provide consumers with affordable products, we have continued to find suppliers around the world to form a global supply network.

One of our African suppliers came to visit us in June, and we further discussed our future cooperation and investment. This meeting not only enhanced our understanding with suppliers, but also made us have a better understanding of rich resources of Africa. This meeting also laid a solid foundation for our future importation.

20 June 2013

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